Art shipping with FedEx

When you need to ship art or museum-quality pieces, count on FedEx. Our team understands your needs and that every piece of artwork is unique. Whether you are moving paintings, sculptures, fabrics or other fine artwork, we have the knowledge to properly handle the shipping requirements for registrars, galleries, dealers, collectors and auction houses.


Based on your shipment actual and dimensional weight a special delivery cost is being calculated, after which FedEx implements a special discount.

Pickup services

You can schedule your pickup via phone, online or in our office and our couriers will pick up your shipment from any area within Armenia․

Special packaging, safe transportation and on time delivery

Our experienced professionals will offer special packaging for your artwork and cargo insurance, which will ensure safe transportation. For items that have a unique shape or size, we’ll find the right specialty box to pack it in with care. We provide safe Door-to-Door delivery service to over 220 countries and destinations across the world.

FedEx Tracking

You can check the status of up to 30 shipments online via our website or with just one email request from pick up stage to final delivery.

Consultation and customs clearance service

Support in customs clearance procedures both export and import and FREE consultation.
Assistance in getting and completing the required documents for the importation

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