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Assistance in overcoming the customs labyrinth.

Thanks to long-term cooperation with a professional team of customs brokers Transimpex will help you avoid delays at customs, save time and money, and take care of custom clearance of your goods, whether delivered by air, sea or road, intended for import or export, in any region, regardless of the volume and frequency of deliveries.


You do not have to monitor the latest changes in the law and take responsibility for the risks.


We will thoroughly examine your supply chain and develop customized solutions to ensure regulatory compliance.


Any mistake made when filling out a customs declaration, registration of accompanying documents is fraught with serious consequences for the recipient of the cargo: delay at customs, borders, fines, as well as an increase in potential costs during customs clearance.


That is why our specialists, being in constant contact with both exporters and importers, preliminarily check the accompanying documentation and provide an expert opinion on the compliance of documents on foreign trade activities with existing legislation (import / export).


Timely detected error allows us not only to save time for our customers, but also optimize their financial costs.



Our services include:


  • Defining the codes of foreign economic activity of the Customs Union goods (TN VED)
  • Registration of import declaration
  • Registration of export declaration
  • Registration of transit declarations T1 and T2
  • Registration of permits, certificates of conformity, sanitary conclusions
  • Registration of temporary export and import, re-export and re-import
  • Registration of documents for the services of a customs warehouse for temporary storage
  • Ensuring physical and customs inspection of goods




  • Efficiency  - in resolving customs clearance issues

  • Exclusion of inactivity - of the transporting vehicle

  • Formation of a clear schedule of deliveries

  • Security from avoiding violation of customs regulations
  • Business stability.

About us

Transimpex is the most reliable and demanded provider of logistics services throughout Armenia.


Mon. - Fri. : 09:00 - 18:00




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