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Terms and conditions




  1. These terms and conditions for payments for services of "TRANSIMPEX" LLC (hereinafter referred to as the Company) define the General terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) for making payments through this website for services of "TRANSIMPEX" LLC ordered by the Client. The relationship between the Client and the Company related to the services is regulated by an agreement concluded between the Client and the Company, or by other means confirming the existence of legal relations between the Client and the Company.
  2. The Company's business address is 40 Mashtots ave, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.
  3. The Company's contact number is + 37410544988, e-mail:
  4. Client - any capable individual or legal entity who has received an identification number for payment via the site for the services provided by the Company.
  5. Order - a service ordered by the Client and approved by the Company.
  6. Website -, a site owned by the company by right of ownership with a domain name, as well as a set of software and hardware intended for the services provided by the Company.
  7. Service-a service provided by the Company for which the Client and the Company have entered into an agreement or are in a corresponding legal relationship.
  8. Identification number is a code issued by the Company to the Client, which makes it possible to identify the Client's order to pay for it.
  9. Invoice number - the invoice number provided to the Client by the Company, which makes it possible to identify the Client's order to pay for it.




  1. By making a payment via the website, the Client fully agrees and accepts the Rules.
  2. The Client agrees and accepts these Rules by clicking on the "make payment" button.
  3. The client makes payments in AMD.
  4. To make a payment, the Client enters all the data displayed on the site.
  5. The Client guarantees the accuracy of all data related to him/her/it and is fully responsible for their compliance with reality. Client's consent to the company's processing of their personal data (performed using automated equipment or without their use), including the collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adjustment (update, change), download, use, transfer (distribution, access), disorganization, blocking, elimination, destruction of personal data. The Company undertakes to ensure the confidentiality and protection of personal data provided by the Client in accordance with the rules of the RA legislation On personal data protection.
  6. The company has the right to use cookies through the website to make the Client's work more efficient. The Client can choose to disable the cookie registration function or enable the cookie sending signal function by making a corresponding change in their Internet browser.
  7. Order price is a payment for services previously agreed between the parties, which is reflected on the website.
  8. Online payment is made by means of payment systems reflected on the site (Maestro, Master, Visa, Arca), which assume redirection from the Company's website to the site of the payment system.
  9. Acceptance and processing of payments through payment systems is carried out by the relevant Bank or Payment and Settlement Organization. The company does not collect and store the Client's Bank data.
  10. When making an online payment, the Client is responsible for the accuracy of data entry.
  11. The client's payment is considered to be made after the amount is credited to the company's Bank account. Relations related to payments before the amount is credited to the company's Bank account arise exclusively between the Client and the relevant Bank or Payment and Settlement Organization.
  12. The Company is not responsible for the reliability/accuracy of the entered data and technical failures/malfunctions of payment systems.
  13. The Client is responsible for the legality of the origin of the payments made (the transferred amount). If third parties make a claim to the Company or other organization in connection with the legality of the credited amounts or make a forced refund of the amount, the Client is obliged to compensate the losses incurred by the Company in the amount of the recovered amounts.




  1. The law of the RA legislation are applied to these Rules.
  2. These Rules are an integral part of the agreement concluded between the Client and the Company.
  3. The company is not responsible for technical problems that occur during payments.
  4. The company reserves the right to make changes to these Rules by publishing information about this on the website, and therefore the Client undertakes to periodically check changes to the rules.
  5. The Client hereby consents to the Company sending information to the Client about various initiatives sending SMS messages to an email address or phone number specified by the Client.


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